Sofia Vergara poses nude, talks weight loss, plastic surgery in Women's Health

Sofia Viagra--erm, Vergara (I can't have been the only one to have made that joke) gave men (and women) a gift of herself. The "Modern Family" star posed nude, as in completely unclothed, for a magazine. So, you're asking, what's odd about a sex symbol baring all? Well, hot as she is, Sofia doesn't do this kind of thing. It was also surprising which magazine and why she posed. The yummy Ms V, 45, shared her assets in Women's Health to encourage women over 40 to accept themselves as they are. That was very kind, it's easier to say when you have absolutely fabulous au naturelle curves. But for the rest of us.... Anyhoo, the 45-year-old's incredible body prompted folks to wonder about plastic surgery or rigid dieting. Her unusual tips on weight loss (unnecessary) exercise (skip it) and diet (pass) were probably the most shocking part of the story.  Sofia Vergara poses nude, talks weight loss, plastic surgery in Women's Health

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